What Do Cavemen Eat?

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Up until late 2015, Cavemen ate this:

illustration of cave man bar. What do Cave Men Eat?

Original Caveman bar package

Then the Caveman brand nutrition bars evolved a bit: they got a new logo, and substi­tuted a photo­graph for the see-through window. But the packaging was still not quite working. The bars were actually really good once you opened one and bit into it, but they didn’t photo­graph well. The photog­raphy did not differ­en­tiate the different flavors from one another either—the packages did not look inviting and all the bars looked the same.

illustration of cave man bar. What do Cave Men Eat?

Caveman Bar: first redesign

Finally Caveman brought in a new brand manager, Ken Salvo. Ken told them that cave men did not use cameras—they preferred to commu­nicate to fellow humans through graphics. A graphic was like a cake made from scratch compared to the usual cake mix. And the illus­tra­tions by Paul Mirocha focused on the unique ingre­dients in each bar rather than what the bars looked like. The ingre­dients empha­sized the various flavors and how they combined. A customer could use their imagi­nation which was more accurate than any photograph.

illustration of wild blueberry nut What do Cave Men Eat?

Redesigned Caveman bar with digital paintings by Paul Mirocha

Caveman Food bars finally got intel­ligent and stood up to be noticed. All seven subspecies of them.

illustration of wild bb nut web What do Cave Men Eat?

Wild blueberry nut and six other flavors for caveman bars with new digital paintings by Paul Mirocha

illustration of Cranberry Apricot Bar Wrapped What do Cave Men Eat?illustration of Nutrition Bar Carton Cranberry Apricot What do Cave Men Eat?

almond coconut standup box

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