Corry’s New Slug & Snail Killer Packaging

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Corry’s orig­i­nal pack­age design

Corry’s Snail and Bug Death comes in a pack­age that has been around for a while and has a lot of brand recog­ni­tion. When Corry’s asked Ron Rifkin of The Design Office in Oak­land to update the clas­sic design, he decided the illus­tra­tion needed some help too. Still, it was very impor­tant that loyal cus­tomers have no prob­lem iden­ti­fy­ing the redesign of their trusted brand. We had to improve and update it with­out chang­ing the basic face of the package.

Ron showed Paul the com­pe­ti­tion on the shelf. Paul did a pen­cil sketch using his undated package.

Paul’s sketch for the new pack­age design

This is Paul’s final illustration

Paul Mirocha’s illustration for the new Corry’s package

Final new pack­age that’s out on the shelves

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