Muscle Milk New Protein Crunch Bars

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CytoSport is a major man­u­fac­turer of sports nutri­tion prod­ucts. Their line of Mus­cle Milk bars are enough to make one decide to go to the gym and start work­ing out– if only to have a good excuse to eat lots of them. They have the same amount of pro­tein that’s in a ham­burger, but basi­cally they are candy bars. Pro­tein Crunch is the newest prod­uct in this line, with pack­age illus­tra­tions by Paul Mirocha.

As is often the case with pack­ag­ing design, CytoSport tried pho­tog­ra­phy first. But the results, while accu­rate,  just didn’t make anyone’s mouth water. They decided to use illus­tra­tion because it could be both real­is­tic and appeal­ing to the imag­i­na­tion. “Just make it deli­cious,” said the brand man­ager when com­mis­sion­ing the art.

The bars are care­fully designed using everyone’s favorite fla­vors and with nice atten­tion to the visual appear­ance. They were beau­ti­ful in them­selves and that helped a lot. They could only send a few sam­ple pro­to­types for ref­er­ence. It’s all they had. The ship­ping took an addi­tional toll on the sam­ples in terms of nicks and squished parts. They were far from photograph-able.

Paul made a care­ful study of each indi­vid­ual bar to make up an ide­al­ized com­pos­ite, sort of a Pla­tonic ideal Pro­tein Crunch bar. In the mid­dle of the project, the design of the bars changed a bit. Not sur­pris­ing when a new prod­uct is in

devel­op­ment. Paul had to start over on most of them.


Paul ate all the pro­to­types when I was done paint­ing them. They shouldn’t last long on the shelf in the gym either.

Pro­tein Crunch bar, choco­late chip cookie dough

Pro­tein Crunch bar, vanilla yogurt

Pro­tein Crunch bar, dou­ble chocolate

Pro­tein Crunch bar, cook­ies and creme

Pro­tein Crunch bar, choco­late peanut butter

Pro­tein Crunch bar, choco­late mint


Final Product Design and Layout

muscle milk chocolate peanut butter paul mirocha




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