It’s-It! Original Ice Cream Big New Box

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It’s-It Original Ice Cream box was commissioned by Costco. Gauger & Associates hired Paul Mirocha to tackle this San Francisco Bay Area iconic brand challenge.


It was one hot day in 1928 at San Francisco’s Playland-at-the-Beach, and

ice cream seller George Whitney had an idea. He put a scoop of vanilla ice cream

between two oatmeal cookies, squashed it down, and dipped it all in dark chocolate.

He didn’t know what to call it, so he just said “It’s it”. But he had made food history

with the first ice-cream sandwich.

It's It ice cream sandwiches, illustration by Paul Mirocha

It’s It ice cream sandwiches, illustration by Paul Mirocha

Production to Perfection

Product Sample from Client



The IT’S-IT is still sold locally in simple clear plastic wrappers. It had become

so famous among local ice cream lovers that it almost needed no advertising.

Until last year when the company decided to expand their market.

They called illustrator Paul Mirocha to do their package art.

The original package


To start out, Paul got a case of IT’S-IT ice cream sandwiches in dry ice in the

mail. The first thing he did was unwrap and eat one. Those IT’S-IT sandwiches

were the best ice cream products he had ever tasted. But they didn’t photograph well.

 It was going to be better than realistic–he was going to paint what it tasted like in the

imagination of the customer bitinginto one. Paul  still has 23 versions of that digital

painting. That’s what it took to flesh out visually what the IT’S-IT tastes like.

And whenever Paul needed inspiration, he just went to his freezer and

unwrapped another IT’S-IT.  Until finally, his art director friend said, “That’s it!”

When it was all done, Paul had a little trouble fitting into his pants, but as he says,

“No guts no glory” as he wipes the last bit of chocolate from his big smile.

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