Rebranding Alvita Tea Illustrations

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Botan­i­cal art for a new tea pack­age design   Rose hips illus­tration by Paul Mirocha for Alvita Herbal Tea packages See more of Paul’s botanical illus­tra­tions for vintage and re-​​branded Alvita packages.     For years, I used to admire the design of  Alvita Tea packages when­ever I was in a high-end health food store, with the legacy white boxes […]

Drucker Labs New Trade Booth

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Drucker labs use a lot of high-tech science to produce their organic nutritional supplements. But laboratory glassware is just not appealing to the customer thinking about what’s for dinner. They had the science down, now for the organic part. To begin the redesign of their branding, Drucker started with the exhibit to be shown at […]

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