What Do Cavemen Eat?

What Do Cavemen Eat?

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Up until late 2015, Cavemen ate this: Then the Caveman brand nutrition bars evolved a bit: they got a new logo, and substi­tuted a photo­graph for the see-through window. But the packaging was still not quite working. The bars were actually really good once you opened one and bit into it, but they didn’t photo­graph well. The photog­raphy did not differ­en­tiate the different flavors from […]

Rebranding Alvita Tea Illustrations

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Botan­i­cal art for a new tea pack­age design   Rose hips illus­tration by Paul Mirocha for Alvita Herbal Tea packages See more of Paul’s botanical illus­tra­tions for vintage and re-​​branded Alvita packages.     For years, I used to admire the design of  Alvita Tea packages when­ever I was in a high-end health food store, with the legacy white boxes […]

Illustration for Quaker Oats Ad

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When Quaker Oats wanted to promote their new wild berry flavors, they first hired food photographers, but the photographs of the bowl of oatmeal just did not do the trick. The ad agency called on me to do a super-realistic digital painting of the oatmeal and montaged it with the more whimsical bicycle image by […]

Muscle Milk New Protein Crunch Bars

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      CytoSport is a major man­u­fac­turer of sports nutri­tion prod­ucts. Their line of Mus­cle Milk bars are enough to make one decide to go to the gym and start work­ing out– if only to have a good excuse to eat lots of them. They have the same amount of pro­tein that’s in a ham­burger, but […]

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