Chips-It Gets a Big New Box

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It's-It Chips-It Ice Cream Sandwich by Paul Mirocha

CHIPS-IT has long been in the shadow of its older cousin, the legendary It’s-It.

That’s the original ice cream sandwich invented in San Francisco in 1928.

And It’s-It has a big blue box illus­trated by Paul Mirocha.


Soon all that will change—Chips-It has a brand new box too. That means that instead of

being sold locally in individual cello­phane packages, Chips-It can benefit more of humanity

by being sold by the dozen in Costco, and if all goes well, other big supermarkets. That was

just the beginning for Chips-It.



The original Chips-It package


The new box, designed by branding agency, Gauger + Associates in San Francisco, 

won awards in the 2017 Graphis Design Annual for print and packaging design—with

an illus­tration by Paul Mirocha.

illustration of chips it package graphis 1024x815 Chips It Gets a New Big Box

Now people are saying that using the jumbo chocolate chip cookies for the ice cream sandwich

is even more of a stroke of genius than the original It’s-It. Only 6 or 8 specialists in the world

really under­stand the theory behind it. Senior Art Director Lori Murphy worked closely with

Paul Mirocha on getting the Chips-It just right for her package design. Also to get the client–a

committee of Thirteen to approve it. And the decision had to be unanimous–no hung juries here.

The following are some of the proofs Paul sent Lori during the process of creating the final art.

illustration of chips it 1 1024x782 Chips It Gets a New Big Box

illustration of chips it v2 bite Chips It Gets a New Big Box

OK, the decision came back: no bite. But they wanted to see the chips more covered by the dough of the cookie.

illustration of chips it 1a 1024x757 Chips It Gets a New Big Box

Weeks went by. Ten people loved the first version, three were holding out for a variation they could not quite describe.

It became a little warm in Paul’s studio. The people at Gauger too began to sweat. Finally: the verdict came back.

Go back to the first version. I sent it right over, with a few finishing touches.

illustration of chips it v4 white Chips It Gets a New Big Box

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