Corry’s New Slug & Snail Killer Packaging

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Corry’s orig­i­nal pack­age design Corry’s Snail and Bug Death comes in a pack­age that has been around for a while and has a lot of brand recog­ni­tion. When Corry’s asked Ron Rifkin of The Design Office in Oak­land to update the clas­sic design, he decided the illus­tra­tion needed some help too. Still, it was very […]

Asian Traditions Ramen Noodles

Asian Traditions Ramen Noodles

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  Photography or Illustration? Choosing illus­tration vs photog­raphy is a funda­mental decision when thinking out a new food packaging design. Sometimes you want to use illus­tration because your competitors are using photog­raphy. Illustration can add an element of fantasy, depicting the taste as it exists in the imagi­nation of the consumer. A painting can also add a precious […]

Drucker Labs New Trade Booth

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Drucker labs use a lot of high-tech science to produce their organic nutritional supplements. But laboratory glassware is just not appealing to the customer thinking about what’s for dinner. They had the science down, now for the organic part. To begin the redesign of their branding, Drucker started with the exhibit to be shown at […]

CyctoSport’s New Muscle Milk Protein Bars

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When Cytosport, maker of Mus­cle Milk® pro­tein bars, decided to launch a new series of bars with a new pack­age design, they tried pho­tog­ra­phy first. But to rep­re­sent their prod­uct in the most deli­cious way pos­si­ble, they needed a blend of real­ism and fan­tasy. That was a job for illus­tra­tion. It had to look as […]

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